RMZ-2001 AD

Welcome to the website of RMZ-2001 AD.

Welcome to the website of RMZ-2001 AD Company.

We are a company that brings together traditions and modern technologies in casting, metal processing and working with sheet metal. We pour cast-iron in cupola furnaces, we cast steel and stainless steel in electric induction furnaces, we perform thermal processing of our steel casts, do precise metal processing with multiple CNC and universal machines, perform complex mechanical operations, weld with precision welding machines, do bending operations using modern shafts and CNC sheet-bending press machines, we do cutting and cutting-out operations using a Swiss high-speed laser machine, we assemble units and components and as a result of all of the listed above we provide our customers with products which guarantee long-term and trouble-free work of their industrial installations. Our activities are certified by a Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2015, issued by TUV NORD Bulgaria. Our specialists have extensive experience in the development and manufacture of custom-made items and prototypes for the needs of the industry.

A list of manufactured products and performed services:

  • cast-iron mouldings with large complexity and unit weight of up to 3.5 tonnes;

  • mouldings from various types of steel (normal and stainless) with unit weight of up to 600 kg;

  • axis-symmetrical elements (shafts, axes, body elements with diameter of up to 3000 mm);

  • grab buckets;

  • pumps;

  • plug valves;

  • rollers and braces for transportation belts;

  • elastic and equalising clutches;

  • bearing housing for pumps and for roller and plain bearings;

  • housing for reduction gear mechanisms and centrifugal pumps;

  • cogwheels with external teeth;

  • travelling wheels;

  • spline and cotter connections;

  • pins, bolts and nuts;

  • belt and screw conveyors;

  • bucket elevators;

  • drive chains;

  • steel structures for furnaces and sieves;

  • forging and pressing services.

RMZ-2001 AD has a vast range of universal and CNC machines (vertical lathes, boring mills, screw-cutting lathes, boring machines, radial boring machines, grinding machines, mills, presses, slotting machines, welding machines and other equipment).

Fluctuation of manpower is almost zero in our company, and all our shareholders are or were workers, employees or managers at RMZ-2001 AD.

We have been working as an independent unit for 20 years now and our main objective throughout that time has been the provision of convenience for our customers. We have been through a lot of challenges related to the manufacture of custom-made products, jointly with our customers we have participated in a number of new developments and we have the reputation of responsible and loyal partners. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and request on offer regarding a component, assembly and/or unit that you need. We will not let you down.