RMZ-2001 AD

Welcome to the website of RMZ-2001 AD.

Welcome to the website of RMZ-2001 AD.

We are a company that combines the traditions and the modern technologies in casting, metalworking and sheet metal work. We cast cast iron with a furnace of the type “Vagryanka, cast steel and stainless steel with electric induction furnaces, heat-treat our steel castings, perform precision metalworking with multiple CNC and universal machines, perform complex locksmith activities, weld with precision welding machines, bend with modern shafts and CNC bend presses, cut with a Swiss high-speed laser, assemble units and aggregates and as a result of all the above we deliver to our customers products that guarantee long and trouble-free operation of their industrial installations. Our activities are certified with a quality certificate ISO 9001: 2015, issued by Tüv Nord Bulgaria. Our specialists have vast experience in the development and production of non-standard products and prototypes for the industry.

A nomenclature of the manufactured products and performed services:

·       cast iron castings of great complexity and unit weight up to 3.5 tons;

·       castings of many types of steel (ordinary and stainless) with unit weight of up to 600 kg; 

·       axisymmetric details (shafts, axles, body parts with a diameter up to 3000 mm); 

·       grapple buckets;

·       pumps;

·       plugs-cranes;

·       rollers and clamps for conveyor belts;

·       elastic and equalizing connectors;

·       bearing bodies for pumps and for rolling and sliding bearings; 

·       gearbox housings and centrifugal pumps; 

·       gears with external teeth;

·       running wheels;

·       slotted and splined joints;

·       pins, bolts and nuts;

·       belt and screw conveyors;

·       bucket elevators;

·       drive chains;

·       steel structures for furnaces and sieves;

·       forging and pressing services;


"RMZ - 2001" AD has a large base of universal and CNC machines (vertical lathes, drill machines, screw lathes, drills, radial drills, grinders, cutters, presses, slotting machines, welding machines and other equipment).

In our company the turnover of staff is almost zero, and all our shareholders are or have been workers, employees or managers in RMZ-2001 AD. 

We have been working as an independent unit for 20 years and during that time our main goal has been to provide convenience to our clients. We have gone through many challenges related to the production of non-standard equipment, together with our customers we have participated in many new developments and we have a reputation as responsible and honest partners. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quotation for part, assembly and/or unit you need. We will not let you down.