Tony Hass Cor-Ten

Development, production and placing on the market of products for the yard, garden and home, based on COR-TEN steel

COR-TEN has long been known worldwide, but still not widely used in Bulgaria. The main feature of this steel is its resistance to weathering, as a natural patina is formed on the surface of COR-TEN products, which does not corrode in depth for decades. In addition, the steel has increased strength, which makes it very suitable for structures of all kinds. Its aesthetic qualities lead architects, construction designers, landscape specialists, artists and others to use COR-TEN in their work. You will probably remember a building lined with COR-TEN panels, or a bridge lined with COR-TEN railings. The COR-TEN steel has been used in architecture and construction for half a century, but recently this type of steel is making a real boom in everyday life, especially as decorative elements in the yard and garden, outdoor furniture, barbecues, fireplaces, mailboxes and much more. This is the main idea of Tony Hass studio - the development, production and marketing of products for the yard, garden and home, based on COR-TEN steel.


We have several completed projects, photos coming soon. In the meantime, you can contact us for the realization of your own ideas. We have all kinds of machines and equipment for the implementation of even the most daring projects. This will be an exciting challenge for us.